Contract manufacturing and private labels

Contract manufacturing

As a part of contract manufacturing, we focus on production of compressed sugar candies, compressed sugarfree candies, then dragees and also liquorice and fruit extruded jelly in various colours and flavours. We offer comprehensive services, ranging from creating the product formula adapted to your needs up to final product implementation.

Production process:

  • Receiving product information and requirements
  • Converting the requirements into initial samples
  • Approval of initial samples
  • Production of final products

In serial production, we will manage raw materials, packaging, or eventually additional machinery, and manufacture the product with an emphasis on quality, production cost efficiency and environmental impacts. We will organize the transport of final product to the required destination.

Private labels

We will be happy to provide services related to creation of private labels using the products we offer. The size, weight and minimum order quantity for private labels are dealt with each client individually.

Among our business partners belongs both Czech and international retailers and markets.