MOCCA, spol. s r.o belongs to and intends to continue to belong to major and traditional producers of non-chocolate-based candy - compressed goods and non-chocolate dragees as well as roasted coffee in the Czech and Central European markets

The main task of the company is to focus consistently on the quality and safety of its products, which are intended primarily for children, thus meeting both the realised and unrealised needs of customers and final consumers.

MOCCA, s.r.o., intends to remain a modern and efficient operator with a strong position in both the domestic and foreign markets. To that end, it employs and consistently improves a quality management system. There are a number of merits the company hopes to secure by doing so - increased management efficiency, improved staff productivity, reduced production costs, higher customer satisfaction, sustained and strengthened market position and improved staff satisfaction.

In quality management, this mainly entails

  • Ensuring a high degree of safety of our products in terms of the heath risk for the consumers, adherence to the production control systems and QMC purging processes in place, hygiene management - high operation hygiene standards and personal hygiene standards, proper selection of critical raw materials and adherence to GMPs.
  • Complying with the legislation applicable in the target market.
  • Accelerating the process of dealing with comments, claims and complaints lodged by our customers.
  • Maintaining open communication and long-term cooperation with all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, external auditors,...).
  • Creating optimal conditions for the staff, encouraging further enhancement of their knowledge and professional capacity.
  • Improving the working and social conditions including health care.
  • Respecting the human rights and dignity of each individual regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, beliefs, political opinion and social status.
  • Refraining from the use of child labour and not consciously cooperating with partners who do so.

The company expects its staff to take an active role in tacking new challenges, especially those having implications for the end quality and safety of products. Moreover, the company expects their dedication to meeting their work duties in a consistent, qualified and responsible manner, while adhering to the working procedures and safety-at-work principles.

The company's management has assumed full responsibility for understanding and implementing the quality policy at all levels as well as for commitments associated with the implementation of and adherence to the policy.